Application Form

PMBC Block Captain Beautification Grant Program Agreement Form

By signing this PMBC Block Captain Beautification Grant Program Agreement, we, the undersigned, agree that we will follow all of the below program eligibility and requirements to legitimately receive grant funds:

  • Must be a PMBC-registered Block Captain to apply (and be eligible)
  • Must provide a detailed description of what the grant will be used to accomplish or purchase
  • Must sign the agreement form
  • Must provide an itemized list and proof of purchase/receipt for any materials used in your project
  • Must provide before/after photos of your project
  • Must use gift card funds on beautification related purchases ONLY
  • Must conduct a meeting with your block’s residents to obtain a consensus agreement on all block beautification purchases and activities
  • Must agree to have your beautification activities (photos/videos) used for STREETS Department promotional purposes

Please note, failure to provide the required items will result in disqualification to apply for any future grants.

Examples of acceptable beautification purchases include:

  • Beautification supplies (plants, flowers, paint and paint brushes, etc.)
  • Tools and equipment for neighborhood upkeep (leaf blowers, brooms, rakes, shovels, gloves, snow blower, etc.)

Gift card will be issued to the PMBC Clean Block Officer for distribution to the Block Captain. Lost gift cards will NOT be replaced for ANY reason.

Applicant Information:

"*" indicates required fields

Block Captain Name*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


By agreeing to these program guidelines, you will help to ensure that grant funds will be available for all qualified participants for the length of the program. Block Captains that do not comply with program requirements will be disqualified from further participation in the program.